Digital Signage entails local digital broadcasting of digital advertising and branding rich media to a public audience, usually in a retail, restaurant or hospitality environment. Inexpensive HD displays ($700 to $7,000) allow peroperty owners to use a centralized PC to control interactive rich media productions promoting local area businesses in stores and to garner several thousand dollars of monthly revenues via this unique new market-space called Digital Signage (also known as E-Signage). provides digital rich media content production services for the digital signage marketplace that allow the customers content to stand far apart from the crowd, most of whom are using static imagery, standard video and boring Flash. Like Viral Marketing, whose content must titillate and amaze to obtain pass-along from viewers, Digital Signage content MUST amaze viewers in order to capture and keep their attention, so that they will retain brand marketing messages within the content.

E-Signage is a phenomenon that will surely grow, as commercial business owners realize that they can make a significant revenue stream by selling ad space in Plasma and LCD HD displays, mounted over their check-out areas and other areas where consumers will hang around and watch the rich media content creations while they bide their time. Acrobat3D can now be utilized for compelling i3D digital signage content that the viewers can actually walk away with, or download later; this combines the new E-Signage phenomenon with the Viral, i3D, and .PDF phenomenons!