What Is Viral Marketing? Viral Marketing gets it's name from the way a Virus rapidly spreads through human to human contact. Thus, Viral Marketing is the phenomenon where people exchange cool digital media files, and often the number of people receiving these i3D rich media files [such as PDFs] world-wide can grow exponentially.

How Does Acrobat3D Fit In? Acrobat's PDF file format is a popular, secure, standard file format, used universally for electronic document publishing over the digital divide.

Smaller Filesize = More Viral Turn-Over. The smaller the i3D PDF files are in size, the more likely they will be to be forwarded on in e-mail or given to other end-users.

Visual Impact Matters. X!Factor is tantamount to increasing the viral nature of the rich media i3D PDF. This is because the more x!factor is in the i3D simulation and it's User Interface, the more likely end-users are to send it to their friends to experience.

User Interface Design. Oftentimes the i3D simulations created with powerful technologies such as Acrobat3D can become quite complex and involved; when this happens a User Interface [UI] is needed to allow the end-user to navigate the simulation optimally. We create Compelling, Easy-to-Navigate User Interfaces.

Maximizing Virality! Accomplishing all of the above stated design objectives will surely maximize the viral nature of your content.