Wallace Moir Jackson, President and Lead Digital Artisan: Mr. Jackson has a BA in Economics from UCLA, as well as Graduate (MBA) and Post-Graduate (MS) degrees in MIS and Strategic Marketing from USC. Mr. Jackson is a top multimedia producer and also has run an international multimedia production firm (see Mind Taffy Design website) for the past 16 years, creating cutting-edge richmedia for the largest international companies. He has been using Acrobat3D since it's introduction in January of 2006 under Acrobat 7 and currently under Acrobat 8.

Sharlene Ann Carvalho, Vice President, Marketing Communications: Ms. Carvalho has a BA in Child Development from the University of California at Sacramento. Shar's corporate experience includes Corporate Purchasing and Procurement, International Contracting, Quality Assurance of Product Sourcing and working with Technical Support Staff for international conglomerates such as Maxim, Cisco, Apple and HP. Shar is currently producing a new Child Development website using i3D that will be on-line in 2007 called E-ChildCare.com. The website will use leading edge 3D technology such as Acrobat3D to interactively demonstrate to parents how to best interface with their children during critical developmental stages.

Warren V. Holden, Vice President, Video Production: Mr. Holden is a top Urban/Hip-Hop Music and Video Producer for the past two decades. Warren's production experience includes producing rap sensations Bone, Thugs and Harmony, as well as his 2G4TV IPTV business

W. Parker Jackson, CFO: A California Real Estate Broker in Coldwell Banker's Santa Maria Office, Parker is a Certified Public Accountant. Previously, Parker was CEO of Wallace Moir Company for over 30 years, where he kept the firm in the top fifteen mortgage banking firms in the nation. He has a BA from UCLA and an MA in Accounting from USC.