What's Needed to View Acrobat3D Content? Acrobat Reader Version 7, 8 or 9. 3D-capable Versions of Acrobat Reader have been available since early 2006, and most Acrobat Users have already upgraded to V7, 8 or 9, or will be upgraded soon.

Can We Use Existing CAD 3D Data? Yes. 3D CAD Data can be imported into Acrobat3D, with resulting PDF file sizes ranging from 2MB to over 20MB in filesize. If smaller filesizes are needed for e-mail attachment or other viral marketing endeavors, we offer 3D Modeling Optimization Services where we hand model the Product in order to reduce the size of the 3D data by a factor of 10X or more, allowing complex, photoreal results in under a megabyte of filesize. We have created i3D in Under 64KB!

Can We Insert Acrobat3D in Existing PDF Files? Yes. This is one of the advantages of Acrobat3D and of "backwards compatibility" with the PDF format. Existing PDF documents can be published using Acrobat 3D Technology and thus Upgraded to V7, 8.1 or 9.0 Format!

Can We See Acrobat3D in Action? Non-Optimized 3D [2MB+ CAD] can be seen on Adobe's website. When our Executives meet with your team, they can show you a 39MB CAD file that we modeled, optimized, animated & programmed in less than 128KB!

How Do We Request a Quotation? To Submit an RFQ [Request for Quotation] we would need to know the specifics of your i3D project, such as: objectives, parameters, deadlines, budgets, milestones, UI guidelines, intended user experience, and so forth.