Consumer Electronics. Modern Day Gadgets such as PDAs, Digital Cameras, Remote Controls, Watches, Cellular Phones, PocketPCs, Sub-Notebooks, Computers and the like are the perfect fit for Acrobat3D virtualization. This is because a plethora of product features can easily be simulated in i3D.

Automotive and Mechanical. Another major industry that is going to harness Acrobat3D is the automotive industry, from 3D parts to entire automobiles. After Market Parts and other accessories will be able to overlay on actual car models to allow users to see the mods photorealistically.

Architecture and Construction. Acrobat3D is a perfect fit for the Architecture and Contruction Industry as it allows complex real estate simulations to be created in under a megabyte of PDF filesize. Complex architectural fly-throughs will be interactive, instead of linear/recorded as they are using video or Flash.

Toys and Games. Acrobat3D can be used to virtualize toys and create virtual games.

Clothing and Bedding. Interactive Clothing Configurators will allow complete outfits to be created in i3D, including accessories such as sunglasses, gloves, watches & ties.

Jewelry and Durable Goods. Acrobat3D raytracing rendering allows hard-edged i3D objects such as Jewelry & Watches to be rendered in real-time with photoreal results.