We offer a wide range of 3D production services providing clients with i3D deliverables.

Modeling. 3D Modeling is the process of placing "vertices" [datapoints] into 3D space, and then connecting these points with edges to form a "Mesh" [also known as Geometry]. The 3D Mesh is the foundation for any Acrobat 3D Product Simulation.

Texture Mapping. 3D Texture Mapping involves creating the "skin" or "surface" for the 3D Mesh, so that the 3D Model will look realistic. The "look" of the surface is created in 2D Imaging software, such as Adobe Photoshop, and the 2D imaging data is then applied in the 3D software package using UVW mapping coordinates and UVW tools.

Animation. 3D Animation defines how a 3D Model and it's component parts move through 3D space over time. Movement, Rotations and Scale are all "keyframed" or "sequenced" in such a way as to replicate all real world movements of the 3D Product, Process or Technology being simulated. The rate of movement over time is controlled via "envelopes," which are applied mathematically during the keyframing process.

Programming. i3D Programming is the process of imbedding programming logic into a 3D Model and it's component hierarchy of "Parent" objects and all of their "sub-objects." This programming logic allows the 3D objects to become i3D [interactive 3D] objects. Once interactive, i3D Models become complete simulations which can respond to mouse control and keyboard input, making the simulated 3D exploratory and fun.