Mind Taffy Design has been in business for seventeen years (since 1991) creating cutting-edge truecolor interactive multimedia for many of the leading companies in the world, including websites, tradeshow multimedia, viral rich media, screensavers, product demonstration software, training simulations and product comparison multimedia productions. Clients include: Sony, Tyco, Samsung, Nokia, Mitsubishi, IBM, Compaq, Epson, Micron, Sun, SGI, CTX, ADI, Western Digital, KDS, TEAC, Digital Equipment, ArtMedia, Techmedia, EZC and dozens of industry leaders worldwide.

Small Data Footprint is the key to success in a world where bandwidth contraints, such as those commonly found on dial-up, cellular, wireless, bluetooth, satellite and other crowded info-data-pathways. Just like our freeways, our telecom lines are overcrowded, and the only way to combat this effectively is via highly optimized data-packets. For instance, the MindTaffy website, which should now be open in another window on your desktop, is 64 printable pages with dozens of full-color graphics and is a mere 900 Kilobytes for all code, images, animation and content. Average pageload is 14KB or a few seconds over a dial-up modem connection! Needless to say, this streamlined website is viewable anywhere in the world, on any speed data connection, and using any browser.

Perfection Is what it takes to set the client apart from the crowd. We use NO drag-n-drop media production tools such as Flash and PowerPoint.