This website is compatible with Internet Explorer V3 thru V7 browser versions, and was designed for viewing at SVGA resolution for notebook users. The website can be viewed in higher resolution XGA (1024 by 768), Super XGA (1280 by 1024) and Ultra XGA (1600 by 1200) resolutions, due to the scalability of the gameboard UI.

Note that your browser window can be resized so that the gameboard pieces dynamically fit into place (the gameboard UI is shown in the Contact Our Team Page).

All 18 of our website informational sections can be easily accessed via the perimeter gameboard animated buttons; thus, traditional forward and backward navigation is completely unnecessary. This makes it easy to peruse our content in any order.

The 20 animated buttons in this website are accomplished using a mere 132K of data for 44 graphic elements, with about 64K of programming code for the UI and Content.

To Navigate this website, click on any of the animated gameboard squares around the perimeter, and the content will appear in the center of the screen. Load times for info content should be less than one second (2K) on a phone/modem connection. The entire website data footprint is under 200K for 20 sections, or an average of 10KB per section. This demonstrates an ability to deliver very high impact rich media on a "shoestring" data budget. Well designed i3D leverages this ability even further, as a 64KB 3D interactive object speaks volumes more than a simple data-heavy 2D image.