Government Standard. PDF is a standard document publishing digital file format; a visit to the IRS website will quickly demonstrate this as most documents are available in the popular .PDF file format.

Government Opportunity. The Acrobat 3D technology currently found within the latest Acrobat Reader Version 9 provides a very distinct and cost effective opportunity for municipalities to raise the bar in information dissemination and in citizenship education. An opportunity exists for government to leverage the power of Acrobat 9 in such a way as to increase the effectiveness of services provided to the taxpayers and educate in an almost surgical fashion.

Government Efficacy. The Effectiveness of Government in the Digital Divide can be increased through the adoption of Acrobat3D technologies within the PDF file format. Now that Acrobat Reader 7 is universally accepted and in place, municipalities can begin to deploy Acrobat 3D content that leverages i3D and real-time rendering technologies found in every modern day PC. Essentially it allows government to "visualize" and concept that it needs the taxpayers to completely understand.

Government Popularity. Acrobat3D will allow government to tap into the 3D processing hardware (power) that is so popular with the Gaming Community. There exists plenty of potential wow!factor capabilities in modern graphics engine "pipelines" and with the right i3D Producer amazing results can be obtained in as few as 128KB.