Brand Games. The Highest Level in the Promotion of a Company Image or Brand Name is called Branding, named after popular Brand Names (such as Acrobat!) that are promoted by the company that sells that branded product. BrandGames promote the product brand at the most etherial level, whereas Product Marketing promotes the attributes of the products themselves. Thus, BrandGames can focus more on the Brand and the GamePlay, whereas AdverGames must include info and gameplay based on the Product Attributes that the client wishes to "seed" into the gameplayer psyche.

AdverGames. Marketing a Product via viral 3D GamePlay is an exceptionally clever way to infuse product information, as well as Brand Equity, into the mass consumer marketplace. This can serve to influence potential customer perception worldwide via inexpensive viral word-of-mouth advergaming while providing fun, free, educational digital content to the masses. Acrobat3D PDF is a Perfect Platform for viral i3D gaming.

Training Games. Training in any subject can be greatly enhanced using the power of i3D programming found in Acrobat3D. Teaching by Doing is always the best approach, and controlling that learning experience via an optimal UI can enhance and speed the learning process even further. Add in a Scoring Engine that can Score the trainee progress and some incentives (Trip, TV) for the high score and you will have success.

Technology Games. Turn Your Technology into a Compact (less than 128K) and Viral i3D Game, using .PDF with Acrobat3D and it's powerful internal programming language.