Explore Product Features. One of the most anticipated uses of the new Acrobat 3D technology inside of Acrobat Reader V7, 8 and 9 is the accurate 3D virtualization of products, which can be explored via i3D in infinite ways, and by the end-user using only the mouse.

Explore New Technologies. Technologies that normally could not be simulated photorealistically can now be recreated with a high degree of accuracy and realism using the Acrobat3D technology. This allows users to fully comprehend what is going on with a technology, even if that technology takes place at the molecular level.

Explore Educational Simulations. Acrobat3D is going to be a phenominal boon to educators everywhere because it gives the power of the 3D game engine that the kids love to the teacher. 3D Simulations will serve to capture student imagination and interest, leading to effective learning through interactive 3D exploration or gameplay.

Explore Complex Work Processes. Complex Sequences of Work Process can be modeled using Acrobat3D technology to record, analyze and optimize process workflows, and then subsequently utilized for new employee training in said workflows.

Explore Fun Games and Rich Media Creations. The 3D engine and programming tools found in the Acrobat3D development environment would in the hands of a top i3D developer, be adequate to create impactive brandGames, adverGames, Training Games and other highly entertaining interactive rich media creations.