End-User Involvement. Acrobat3D heightens End-User Involvement in your virtual products, technology visualizations, patent virtualizations or training simulations by allowing your viewer to interface directly with the content in three dimensions (3D).

End-User Comprehension. End-User Immersion leads to End-User Comprehension, thereby accomplishing the PDF files' primary objective: Getting Your Message Across. Comprehension happens faster because of the increased "AH-HA!" factor, which is present when an object or technology can be easily reviewed in 3D.

End-User Retention. Today's Cutting-Edge 3D Technology popular in Gaming Circles also helps to cement retention due to the visual X!Factor. Succulent visual graphics combined with a useable User Interface [UI] and proper i3D simulation design will result in a high degree of End-User Experience Retention and even increased word-of-mouth.

End-User Enjoyment. Adding Enjoyment into the i3D simulation will further increase both experience retention as well as viral word-of-mouth marketing. Enjoyment is added via Entertainment Factor such as adding a Scoring Engine (game-like simulation) or making the i3D content into a cool BrandGame or an AdverGame using program logic.

End-User Word-Of-Mouth Advertising. Accomplishing all of the above End-User objectives will yield an End-User who is willing to do your electronic Marketing and Branding via viral PDF digital-pass-alongs and through Word of Mouth via telephone.