Education + Entertainment = Edutainment Why not Educate while you Entertain?!

Advantages of Edutainment. Educational Content that is designed to be entertaining is much more compelling and memorable than "Template-Driven" Training. Would you rather do something Fun and Rewarding, using the very latest in multimedia technology?! Of course! Thus the importance of edutainment 3D media content design.

The Viral Nature of Edutainment. Edutainment is highly viral, as users who find the content fun and cool will pass the PDF file along to their friends and family. This is called "Pass-Along" and is the foundation of word-of-mouth, or now: word-of-PDF brand marketing and promotion. Game-Like i3D Simulations will spread digitally like Fire!

Well-Designed Edutainment. Design is Critical for Effective Edutainment. Design begins during the concept formulation stage and continues through the simulation design and educational objectives phases, manifesting all the design objectives within the User Interface Design and Program Logic Design (and possibly in the Scoring Engine Design, if the i3D simulation is game-like, or is a BrandGame or AdverGame).

Branding Via Edutainment. Brand Recognition gets enforced and enhanced as a by-product of well designed edutainment content. This is because the wow!factor of the edutainment rich media reflects positively upon the Brand (Company or Product) attached to the fun-to-use, cutting-edge multimedia content.