Data Optimization is really the key to successful viral marketing in the digital divide, and the website demonstrates this concept by using 27 kilobytes of GIF graphics elements to create a ten section animated promotional website that is interactive, draggable, fun to use, informative and data compact. was created in 1999 to showcase our approach to hand optimizing rich media content in such as way as to enhance economies of scale in content production and show that talented production work processes could produce truecolor photorealistic results using indexed color (limited color) file formats such as GIF and Animated GIF.

Acrobat3D allows even more compact and hand-modeled, coded and optimized rich media creations than simple GIF + HTML did over a decade ago. In the hands of the right developer, photoreal interactive fun-to-use i3D objects and simulations can be created in as little as 32 to 96 kilobytes of data; less than a single static image! Combine Acrobat3D's small filesize potential with it's common file format and succulent i3D graphics, programming languages and gameplay, and you have a platform guaranteed to impress, given you have the right i3D production team creating your i3D rich media out of thin air! Enjoy your Explorations! Thank You for Visiting our Websites!