Design is Critical. Useability of any User Interface Design is predicated upon ease-of-use, as well as the functionality of the design itself. The i3D rendering and animation features of the Acrobat3D environment must also be fully leveraged in order to achieve the best results within the i3D simulation that is being designed for the client.

Design is Flexible. Flexible object-oriented design benefits the client via extensibility of the User Interface [UI], as well as flexibility in incorporating future simulation features and other redesign objectives without recreating i3D data structures & code.

Design in Detail. Detail is the key to memorable User Interface and i3D data/code construct design. Design thus becomes an iterative process, where detail is added in layers, setting the UI Design further apart from the competition's Flash & PowerPoint.

Design in Succulence. The more succulence the User Interface Design has, the more exploratory the end-user is going to be. A compelling user experience will foster further exploration of the i3D simulation and it's User Interface [UI], which in turn will result in further education of the end-user via visual, enjoyable interactive user experiences.

Design is Memorable. If the design contains all of these previous design objectives, it will be inherently memorable; a classic, so to speak. This is key to our clientele, as it serves to set their rich media creations apart from the crowd, and renders them impervious to being leap-frogged by the competition. We design classics consistently.