In this competitive free market business economy, executives need to consistently Hit The Mark with their Branding, Marketing, Training, Sales and Promotional objectives. The new Acrobat 3D technology found in the Acrobat V7, 8 and 9 Reader allows executives a potent and powerful rich media toolset with which to craft compelling and precise simulations of products, work processes, technologies and concepts, using the photoreal 3D processing power utilized previously only via high-end gaming platforms.

Modern 3D hardware "engines" used for "rendering" 3D games in real-time can be found in every modern day PC and game console, including the Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows and Linux Operating Systems, as well as Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft XBOX. These hardware 3D co-processing solutions are powered by "graphics chipsets" from companies such as Intel, AMD [formerly ATI], S3, SIS and nVidia.

What this means is that Acrobat3D PDF content will render into photorealistic 3D products, training simulations, and technology visualizations on every PC bought in the past decade! And using the Acrobat Reader Version 7, 8 and 9 now readily available and already installed on millions of PCs worldwide! No Plug-Ins! No Downloads! Instant i3D!

Essentially, what this means is that business executives can now harness the incredible power and wow!factor of the 3D game platform hardware [found inside every PC] inside of their PDF files, generating amazing levels of end-user interest, exploration, enjoyment & interaction. This is an objective we accomplish for our client.